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Thank you so much for visiting my page! This is a Japanese teacher Yuna-sensei. Would you like to learn Japanese with me?

2016.4 (Japanese school/Online)
I’ve been teaching Japanese (such as daily conversation and JLPT practice) to 10-50years old students who are beginners and advanced.

-Little Bit about Myself-
After studying abroad, I was able to find interest to communicate with people from other countries and was very impressed by different cultures so that I decided to acquire a Japanese language teacher license and became a teacher to expand Japanese culture to everyone who’s interested in it. I teach Japanese with thankfulness to all the students. 

1. Let’s just have fun!

I totally understand how difficult to learn other languages. So that I believe that the most important thing in a class is that we both have fun and a good time. I do my best to make a lesson comfortable for you.

2. I respect each student’s skills and the purpose of studying Japanese.
Even though the level of Japanese is the same, I believe that each person has a different personality and purpose of learning, so I would like to care each student very well and provide a suitable lesson. 

3. 90% only Japanese in a lesson!
First of all, I’m not very good at English … :( 
I would like you to speak and listen as much as Japanese possible in the short time. Also it’s better and faster you learn if you could study Japanese with Japanese.
Yet, please don’t worry so much because I only use suitable Japanese for each student. So go ahead and let’s make lots of mistakes and learn with me!

More than anything, I would like you to be able to actually speak and understand Japanese in your life so I may ask you to talk more than I explain to you in a lesson. I promise that I do my best make you feel that you have a meaningful time in my lesson.

About me: 詳細
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